Racing Simulator

We are Landon and Hayden Brothers, Owners of The “Brothers Brothers” Racing Team, LLC.

We are a professional auto racing team and promotional company out of Mount Wolf, Pennsylvania.  We are twin brothers who are up and coming NASCAR drivers and brand ambassadors. We also do full time marketing and promotions for our advertising partners through our racing program.  We have a growing fan base in which we have run many successful marketing campaigns over the last year. We also are very active in the community supporting many causes including Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

Our company and racing team is offering unique and exciting promotional opportunities for your business. We are so excited to announce the debut of our full size NASCAR racing simulator!  We have worked hard to prepare this car to create a real time racing experience that people will love just like being at the track!

According to our research, we have found that show car simulators when used in conjunction with a company promotion is a very effective and measurable way to reach your sales and marketing goals.

What sets us apart from anyone else is our show car and race cars will travel all around the east coast. Also we hand out your marketing materials and samples when we are there with the simulator car to help drive customers to your product.  We promote on all our social media and we focus on constantly being in the public’s eye.  This means your company will be represented in everything we do, getting you noticed in every single way.  We are all about “driving” not just race cars, but “driving” customers straight to your door through our marketing.

If you feel this would benefit your company –  Learn more about our marketing and promotions on our marketing page here.

Thank you and enjoy browsing our website,


Co-Owners and Drivers of The “Brothers Brothers” Racing Team, LLC