Our mission at The Brothers Brothers Racing Team is focused on building strong relationships with our marketing partners, our tracks, and our fan base. We appreciate you taking the time to review our presentation – where you will meet our team, our drivers and see the complete championship caliber program that we have to offer. We believe in going the extra mile for our marketing partners, beyond the signage on the race car. We make a constant effort to get directly to the fans; this in effect promoting our marketing partners every step of the way, and providing promotional solutions for your company in an effort to drive sales and traffic directly to your door.

We have many levels for you to partner with our team, and we hope that you will join us and reap the rewards of the high profile exposure offered through The Brother Brothers Racing Team. You are welcome to be our guest at a race event, or stop by our race shop to meet us and see what all the excitement is truly about!

Our Story…..

The Beginning:

For The Brothers Brothers, getting started in racing was as simple as purchasing a $200 Pee Wee Kart on a day I did not expect to even purchase a Kart! It was there in an unusual turn of events where one of my employees ran into a neighbor’s yard with one of our company trucks, I went over to take care of the situation, saw the kart in his garage and next thing I know I was bringing it home.

Getting On Track:

As a father of twin boys, and knowing nothing about racing it didn’t take long to understand that I needed to get them into a safer environment then using it for a yard kart. We went to the nearest sanction raceway called the Outback Track at Susquehanna Speedway. The boys immediately began to show their natural racing talent. Winning our heat race and our feature race for our very first try! Landon with a heat win and Hayden with the feature win sharing the same kart.

Full Time Racers:

We became very passionate and serious about racing competitively and going for championships. We grew to having a 4 Kart team, each of our drivers racing multiple classes. We invested in a marketing coach and up-leveled our marketing and social media programs. The drivers are now partnered with the VFW and are very active in the community as growing leaders.

Taking It To The Next Level:

Moving forward in 2018 we are testing in the Super Cup Stock Car Series, hoping to be the youngest drivers to ever to race Super Cup Stock Cars in the history of the division.

Our focus is to have a comprehensive Driver Development Program that gives our drivers the best equipment, with the best motorsports and marketing mentors, crew chiefs and driving coaches, in an effort to take them all the way to the top levels of NASCAR racing. Hayden and Landon Brothers are in this partnership together fully supporting each other.

Our team is a united front to bring the best of ourselves to everyone who supports and partners with us – and our fans. We believe in loyalty, integrity and respect. Most of all we believe in the future. We see the victory ahead and we are very fortunate to have all the pieces coming into place to build this team. Our vision is to grow into complete motorsports professionals, spokesmen and leaders in our community.

The future is bright for The Brothers Brothers Racing Team! Join us in this exciting journey! 

Thank you for stopping by our website and learning about what our team has to offer.

Eddie Brothers  – Team Manager